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My French Vintage Life

Bienvenue! In my blogs I am going to be talking a lot about French vintage and antiques (no surprise there!), but will also talk about French life, cooking, food, history, countryside and whatever else I think you will be interested in, or indeed you tell me what you would like to read about.


So, who are Vie Nostalgique and what do we do?  Based in a rural village in Normandie we source vintage and antique items for our website.  Even though I am chief cook and bottle washer (to coin a phrase), the whole of Team Nostalgique gets involved in visiting Brocantes, Vide Grenier’s and Fairs to help find scrummy vintage and (very importantly), carry it all back to the car.

Normandy is the land of Camembert, cidre, Calvados, William the Conqueror and the D Day landings and we are lucky to have the opportunity to live here.  Currently our village, which sits in a large, expansive plain, is surrounded by fields of yellow as the rape seed comes into flower.  You can see the fields from miles around and every garden and orchard have cherry, apple and pear trees in blossom and, at the risk of sounding soppy, it fills my heart with joy and anticipation for the warmth of spring and the sunshine to follow (hopefully) in the summer – I am NOT a winter person.

Our house is a very tall, very old solid stone building with very thick walls and lots of renovation needed.  There are several buildings of a similar style in the area, mainly because there is a lot of stone in the ground so building big and high would have been quite an easy task in comparison to some other villages not too far away with mainly wood frame houses, or Colombage as they are known in France, as access to the stone was not so easy.

The house is full of ‘things’, I suppose you could say that we verge on hoarding, but these things are all pictures, furniture, china, militaria and the biggest collection of all – books.  It’s a standing joke with the children that whenever they have had to research something for a history project etc that ‘Daddy has a book on that’, and, yes, he normally does.  Because there is still a lot of restoration to do on the house most of these ‘things’ do not actually have a home to call their own yet, but one day we will be able to display our collections, hang all of our pictures and have a proper library for all of the books.

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  1. Loved reading about you guys and will certainly be popping back soon to have another look around x

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